Introducing the SC-W:
our NEW FM-Approved wall-mounted NITROGEN-PAC™!



● Completely wall-mounted – no floor space needed
● FM Approved
● Internal compressor within enclosure
● Compressed air drying intercooler inside enclosure
● Up to 900 gallons sprinkler pipe volume



  • Fully factory assembled, adjusted, and tested – no field assembly required.
  • Mounts on wall – no floor space required.
  • Long-life low maintenance oilless air compressor.
  • Membrane-based nitrogen separator – no moving parts and no maintenance.
  • Intercooler and water separator for air drying – extends separator membrane life.
  • Built-in particulate and coalescing filters.
  • Single drain connection.
  • Initial-fill and nitrogen generation from one unit.



  • Saves installation time – just mount, connect piping and power.
  • Saves commissioning time – fully assembled and factory adjusted.
  • Easy inspection and maintenance.
  • Simple, intuitive operation.
  • Reliable, dependable protection that functions as intended.
  • Expert technical support.
  • From UNITED Fire Systems combining sprinkler system, nitrogen generation, and corrosion protection expertise in one company.




See a full list of features and documentation here.

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