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Whether you are bidding a job with a specification that calls for UNITED Fire Systems products, or it’s up to you to make the choice on which brand to use, know that we are here for every step of the project to ensure an efficient, hassle-free, and successful completion.

Our products have unique qualities and features that set them apart from comparable competitors’ products. Reputation and years of industry expertise are the driving factors that enable us to design and manufacture state-of-the-art protection equipment that cannot be found anywhere else. Learn more about why working with UNITED Fire Systems is the right choice below, or navigate to the top of the page to learn more about our products.

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Be Profitable

We make sure that products from UNITED Fire Systems will consistently deliver for you—meaning on-time, in-budget, well-engineered, well-tested, and with superior documentation. When everything goes smoothly, from following specifications, doing shop drawings, ordering equipment, and installation and testing, you can focus on other aspects of the project and our part of the job will run efficiently and effectively to help you be profitable.

We Deliver

We know from the experience of our parent company that the job can’t wait. You need it now. We stock pre-assembled product so that we can ship many orders in one to two days. And when it’s a large or complex order, we’ll always give you a shipping schedule you can rely on and schedule around.


UNITED Fire Systems believes in making buildings safer for owners, occupants, and authorities having jurisdiction. The best value isn’t always the lowest price—but more money doesn’t always deliver more safety. Learn more below about how our products improve safety and also provide value and peace of mind.

Choose the Best for Your Project

If your project specifications don’t indicate specific brands of products we offer, you know you’re making the right choice with products from UNITED Fire Systems. Let us help with any “open” spec—we’ll do our best to provide what the engineer wants and really needs. For any questions you might have about the products and how they will deliver and get the job done, contact us—we are there for you.

Rely on Our Consistency and Quality

You expect consistent performance. That’s why every product we provide is rigorously tested here at our factory, so whether it’s a new project or a retrofit, you’ll know they’re ready to work once installed. The steps we take to ensure quality start with the parts. Everything that goes into a UNITED Fire Systems product has a detailed engineering specification—down to the nuts, bolts, washers, and screws. All of our assembly and testing is done in accordance with comprehensive procedures. Our motto—“Document what you are going to do, and do things only per the documents.” We’re committed to being no less than the best.

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Did You Know?
  • You can easily learn more about corrosion of your sprinkler pipes from the inside out by visiting the All About Corrosion page of the UNITED Fire Systems website. Become informed and make sound decisions based on the best available information.