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We understand that fire protection is one piece of many in the master puzzle you put together in your designs. Our goals are to make your job as easy as possible and to ensure a thorough, on-time, and accurate delivery of your specification deliverables.

Specification Language Provided

When you work with UNITED Fire Systems, we can provide all the specification language and drawing details that you need for your specification deliverables. We ensure that the product recommendations fit with the overall vision of your project and meet all local, state, and national requirements and codes. Whether you prefer working with CSI MasterFormat, or need simpler shorter-form specs, UNITED Fire Systems is ready to help.

Specification Tools

Please visit our Engineering Specifications & Drawings page to find the specification tools you need. Each MasterFormat specification is provided in both .doc and .pdf format. Each detail sheet with short-form specification is provided in both .dwg and .pdf format.

Completed Projects Are Safer

UNITED Fire Systems believes in making buildings safer for owners, occupants, and authorities having jurisdiction. Learn more below about how our products work for safety in building design, and provide value and peace of mind.

Requests for Information & Potential Delays Prevented

RFIs take up your time and can lead to delays during the bid and construction phases of a project. Our specification information and CAD details are easily integrated into your deliverables, helping to keep things clear to general contractors and sub-contractors. This saves you time and inconvenience, allowing you to focus on your next project.

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UNITED Fire Systems is excited to announce the NEW SPECIFICATION DEVELOPER 1.00. This useful tool will make it simple for specifying engineers to develop accurate specifications for the full range of UNITED  Fire Systems products in various formats, including:

  • MasterFormat
  • Short Form
  • AutoCAD Pages
  • CAD Details

Please fill out the short form below to download the Specification Developer.  [Note: We will not share your e-mail with any third party.  We will only use your email to notify you of updated versions of the Specification Developer.]

Specification Developer Form

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Did You Know?
  • Your wet-pipe sprinkler system may not be as filled with water as you expect it to be. A bubble of air may migrate to the highest point in the system, creating a very vulnerable location for internal pipe corrosion. That’s why NFPA 13 now requires that all new wet sprinkler systems be fitted with an air vent at the system’s highest point. This is a good investment for both new and existing systems. The UNITED Fire Systems Model AR-1 automatic air release device is Factory Mutual (FM) Approved for just this function. See here for more information, and take action to prevent damaging corrosion.