The UNITED Fire Systems PREACTION-PAC™ and SPRINKLER-PAC™ product line offers many different combinations of features to fit most preaction, dry-pipe, and deluge fire sprinkler systems.

We are pleased to announce our new PREACTION-PAC™ and SPRINKLER-PAC™ Selection Guide! This easy-to-use tool is designed to determine which PREACTION-PAC™ or SPRINKLER-PAC™ equipment is right for your application. Simply provide a few items of information and receive:

  • The proper UFS part number for the sprinkler system assembly you need.
  • A link to the assembly’s data sheet.
  • A link to the assembly’s installation, operation, and maintenance (IOM) manual.
  • The status of FM Approval of the assembly.

Whether you are a contractor, estimator, or engineer, this tool is for you.  Follow these simple instructions to download and use the PREACTION-PAC™ and SPRINKLER-PAC™ Selection Guide: it won’t let you fail – valid selections will deliver the needed information, and invalid selections will let you know to try again!


Instructions for use:

A. Click the Download Now button below.

Download Now

B. Save the file to your computer, and open using Microsoft Excel.

C. Make the five (5) simple choices in the blue boxes.

D. The various selections are interrelated. If an invalid selection is made, one or more of the blue boxes will become red. Make another selection.

E. Once all boxes are green, the available information on your choice will appear.


That’s it – just a few simple steps and you are ready with the choice you need to specify, install, commission, use, and maintain a PREACTION-PAC™ or SPRINKLER-PAC™ system.  Refer to the INSTRUCTIONS page in the file for more detailed guidance.  Start using this valuable tool today!



For more extensive details on your system, including AutoCAD pages and MasterFormat specifications, please use:

Did You Know?
  • The design, installation, and maintenance of preaction sprinkler systems are governed by multiple national standards and codes. For example, the detection portion of the systems comes under NFPA 72 – National Fire Alarm Code. The design of the mechanical portion is covered by NFPA 13 – Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems. The standard for ongoing inspection and maintenance of the system is NFPA 25 – Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. Keep it simple – choose PREACTION-PAC and you will receive one instruction manual containing all that you need.