Fire protection is all about the management of risk. Preaction fire sprinkler systems can effectively manage the risk of damage fire with minimal risk from unwanted water damage. Learn how UNITED Fire Systems PREACTION-PAC makes this simple.

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You can’t see inside your sprinkler pipes, but corrosion could be damaging them from the inside out. Learn how UNITED Fire Systems helps avoid expensive repairs and unwanted water damage.

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If you depend on dry standpipes for fire protection, learn how UNITED Fire Systems can warn you of impairments that put you, your structure, and your firefighters at risk.

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UNITED Fire Systems is pleased to announce the newest version of the Specification Developer! This tool allows specifiers to simply make choices from drop-down menus to receive comprehensive specifications tailored to specific requirements, including MasterFormat, and short-form text, and complete AutoCAD pages plus individual details.

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UNITED Fire Systems is a division of United Fire Protection Corporation that specializes in the manufacturing of fire suppression equipment. Our current product line includes:


NITROGEN-PAC Self-Contained (SC) Series (FM Approved)

NITROGEN-PAC Modular (M) Series


AR-1 Air Release for Wet Sprinkler Systems (FM Approved)

Riser-Mount Air Compressors

Our products have unique qualities and features that set them apart from comparable competitors’ products.  Reputation and years of industry expertise are the driving factors that enable us to design and manufacture state-of-the-art protection equipment that cannot be found anywhere else.

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    Did You Know?

    • Your dry-pipe or preaction fire sprinkler system can be infected! That’s right – microbes can be lurking inside your sprinkler pipes and causing damage.  Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) occurs when the right combination of moisture and microbial organisms produces rapid corrosion of steel piping from the inside out. MIC is not the only cause of steel pipe corrosion, but it is important to know about and mitigate this problem BEFORE it causes pitting, pinholes, and thinning of pipe walls. Take steps to prevent both rust and MIC by using NITROGEN-PAC.