United Fire Systems Nitrogen PAC Preaction Fire Sprinkler Suppression Corrosion PreventionThe NITROGEN-PAC™ M (Modular) Series from UNITED Fire Systems is a unique approach to supplying nitrogen for sprinkler systems. The modular concept allows for the choice of components perfectly sized for the application. Many small to mid-sized systems need an engineered system approach for both proper application and cost-effectiveness. The NITROGEN-PAC™ M Series permits our expert designers to choose the components that fit your application—with no compromise of protection or dollars.

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The NITROGEN-PAC™ M Series System

All NITROGEN-PAC™ M Series Systems include:

  • Compressor/tank assembly
    • Robust belt-driven piston-type nitrogen compressor
    • Efficient high-torque motor
    • NEMA-rated air tank
    • Combination filter/regulator at outlet
  • Refrigerated dryer
    • Reliable, economical operation
    • Rated for ISO class 6 dew point
    • Environmentally-friendly refrigerant
  • Nitrogen generator module
    • High-quality separator membrane
    • Coalescing and particulate filters
    • Valves for initial-fill bypass
    • Rugged steel enclosure
  • Nitrogen receiver
    • NEMA-rated for reliability
    • Bypass valves for sprinkler initial-fill with air without diluting nitrogen supply
    • Pressure gage for tank monitoring
    • Over-pressure relief valve for safety
  • Accessories
    • Nitrogen/air maintenance device for proper system pressure regulation
    • Purge vent assembly for easy replacement of atmospheric air in sprinkler pipe with nitrogen pressure
    • Hand-held nitrogen analyzer with digital display to monitor nitrogen purity
  • NEW – Optional True Advanced Purge (TAP) for automatic full-time display of nitrogen purity and hands-off automatic control of purging. Click here to learn more…

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  • You can easily learn more about corrosion of your sprinkler pipes from the inside out by visiting the All About Corrosion page of the UNITED Fire Systems website. Become informed and make sound decisions based on the best available information.