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We understand that fire protection is one piece of many in the master puzzle you put together in your designs. Our goals are to make your job as easy as possible and to ensure a thorough, on-time, and accurate delivery of your specification deliverables. The UNITED Fire Systems Specification Developer is designed to aid specifiers who need to create complete, accurate specifications for specialized fire protection systems.

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the brand-new Specification Developer version 2.01! This updated tool uses new, modern features such as drop-down menu choices, detailed tooltip descriptions, and easy access to saved specifications. Specifiers can receive any or all of the following deliverables:

  • MasterFormat specifications, identified by proper 6-digit number, and ready to be edited into a project spec book
  • Short-form specifications, when the entire MasterFormat is not required
  • AutoCAD pages, ready to be edited into contract drawing packages

Specification Developer 2.01 provides specifying engineers with these benefits:

  • Interface is easy to learn and use
    • Menu driven – just a few clicks and Specification Developer 2.01 does the work for you
    • Tooltips for additional guidance
    • Pop-up embedded information links for additional information on products to specify
    • Error messages when selections are not permitted guide you to proper corrections
  • Receive complete specification deliverables
    • Specs delivered as MasterFormat and as short specs
    • Mechanical and electrical drawing details delivered as .dwg files – ready for editing
    • Also makes .pdf files available
  • Makes your process more productive
    • Store your specs for future reference
    • All specs are kept updated online – never be behind the curve
    • Your accuracy is enhanced – fewer RFIs will be needed to clarify specification requirements or inadvertent discrepancies
    • Enjoy support from UNITED Fire Systems – one call, text, or email and we’ll help you!

Best of all, register for access and use the UNITED Fire Systems Specification Developer 2.01 at no charge!

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Did You Know?
  • Your wet-pipe sprinkler system may not be as filled with water as you expect it to be. A bubble of air may migrate to the highest point in the system, creating a very vulnerable location for internal pipe corrosion. That’s why NFPA 13 now requires that all new wet sprinkler systems be fitted with an air vent at the system’s highest point. This is a good investment for both new and existing systems. The UNITED Fire Systems Model AR-1 automatic air release device is Factory Mutual (FM) Approved for just this function. See here for more information, and take action to prevent damaging corrosion.