TRUE ADVANCED PURGE™ Model TAP-G3 with Active Drift Control™



The UNITED Fire Systems Model TAP-G3 with ADC™ – Active Drift Control Automatically:

•    Displays your nitrogen purity
•    Controls the nitrogen system purge cycle
•    Adjusts for sensor drift to maintain accuracy



Advanced Technology for Nitrogen Generator-Based Sprinkler Corrosion Inhibiting Systems

The Model TAP-G3 with ADC™ uses the most advanced zirconium dioxide gas sensor technology available today, overcoming many of the limitations of other sensor types. The result is stable nitrogen purity readings and long sensor life, without the need for manual intervention to adjust or calibrate device readings.

ADC – Active Drift Control™

The Model TAP-G3 features Active Drift Control, an automatic analysis of gas sensor drift and application of correlation and gain offsets to maintain device accuracy regardless of sensor status. This analysis and drift control is routinely performed by algorithms built-in to the device control system each time the Model TAP-G3 automatically measures the nitrogen purity within the sprinkler piping. No user involvement or special reference gas is required, and no other device available today offers this active method of controlling the accuracy of the displayed nitrogen value



We’re so confident in the features and benefits of the TAP™ Model G3 that we offer a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied!



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