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UNITED Fire Systems is pleased to offer FREE webinars to the engineering community to help you understand the most important topics in fire protection today. Learn about the latest information on sprinkler pipe corrosion, the newest advancements in smoke detection, and the most important things to know about preaction fire sprinkler systems.



Three (3) Different Courses:

• Preaction and Dry-Pipe Fire Sprinkler Internal Corrosion – Causes, Consequences, and Countermeasures

• Preaction Fire Sprinkler Systems – Important Guidelines

• Advanced Technology Smoke Detection



AIA CES Approved Provider of Continuing Education
NICET Recognized Training Provider
UNITED Fire Systems is an Approved Provider of continuing education credits by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). If you are an AIA member, you will earn one (1) Learning Unit for each webinar you attend. Not an AIA member? We will still send you a certificate for 0.1 CEUs for each course! We are also recognized by NICET as a training provider! Earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points to help you keep your NICET certification.  .



Why UNITED Fire Systems?
Of all the training providers out there, we represent the most advanced combination of expertise in fire sprinkler, fire detection, and corrosion prevention technology. No one else puts it all together as we do.



Course: Preaction and Dry-Pipe Fire Sprinkler Internal Corrosion – Causes, Consequences, and Countermeasures
An in-depth look into the reasons and results of corrosion in sprinkler piping. The course begins with learning about the different types of corrosion that can happen to sprinkler piping. From this, the course explores what happens to sprinkler piping due to corrosion. The course ends with presenting effective prevention strategies. Learning objectives:
1. Comprehend the fundamentals of steel corrosion.
2. Identify causes and types of corrosion within sprinkler piping.
3. Understand consequences of corrosion within sprinkler piping.
4. Offer countermeasures to prevent corrosion within sprinkler piping.



Course: Advanced Technology Smoke Dectection
An in-depth look into the advancement of smoke detection technology.  After reviewing the history of smoke detectors, the course describes various principles of advanced smoke detection, followed by examples. Learning objectives:
1. Understand how far smoke detection has come.
2. Know the difference between different smoke detection principles.
3. Discern which smoke detection technology is the best solution.
4. Understand other environmental hazards that can be detected in specific buildings.



Course: Preaction Fire Sprinkler Systems – Important Guidelines
An in-depth look into preaction sprinklers. This course covers regulation on preaction fire sprinkler systems. This includes guidelines for the control panel, detector regulations, and other rules to follow when using preaction sprinklers. Learning objectives:
1. Understand rules for use of preaction sprinkler systems.
2. Comprehend proper fire detector spacing for preaction sprinkler systems.
3. Present various advanced fire detection options.
4. Learn about sprinkler corrosion and countermeasures.



Features and Benefits:
  • Courses can be provided in-person or via webinar.
  • Registered with AIA CES – courses follows strict requirements for impartial content.
  • Automatic reporting to AIA for Learning Unit credit.
  • Written Certificate of Completion for non-AIA and NICET continuing education credit.
  • Each course is approximately one (1) hour – minimum time investment with maximum content benefit.
  • Best of all – each course is FREE to all!



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