Advanced Preaction Fire Suppression Systems and Service in Houston

UNITED Fire Systems manufactures state-of-the-art fire suppression equipment to serve a wide variety of industries. Our pre-action fire sprinkler systems, standpipe supervisory systems, and corrosion inhibiting systems are used in the Houston health care, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, and financial industries, among many others.

Advanced fire protection systems help avoid damage to irreplaceable items within buildings with automatic structural sprinkler systems. Our fire suppression equipment helps protect places like hospitals, computer data centers, military facilities, university archives, rare book libraries, museums and art storage locations, banks, high-rise buildings, and many more throughout the Houston area.

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Fire Protection Systems for Commercial Buildings in Houston

Our highly efficient fire protection products include:

PREACTION-PAC (FM Approved): Pre-action fire sprinklers allowing water into the system only if a smoke detector goes off. With two triggers required to begin water flow, this compact, precision sprinkler control system combines the positive aspects of other fire suppression methods, namely wet pipe, dry pipe, and deluge systems. It also helps avoid the drawbacks that can come with those legacy fire protection systems. The Preaction-Pac helps to solve common problems with other fire protection measures, including:

  • Helps avoid false triggering of your building’s ceiling sprinkler system.
  • Minimizes risk of water damage to your building and its contents, such as highly sensitive electronic equipment, computers, artworks, or archival papers.

NITROGEN-PAC Self-Contained (SC) Series (FM Approved): Replaces the air compressor of your system with a nitrogen generator. It provides needed supervisory pressure, sending 98% pure nitrogen into pre-action or dry sprinkler pipes. The self-contained unit works well in smaller environments.

NITROGEN-PAC Modular (M) Series: The modular version of the Nitrogen-Pac system is ideal for larger applications.

  • Minimizes risk of rust inside sprinkler pipes, extending the life of the system by drying the pipe with nitrogen.
  • Helps keep piping intact, reducing thinning and decreasing the likelihood of leaks.
  • Eliminates the need to handle pressurized cylinders.

STANDPIPE-PAC: This compact and fully featured standpipe supervisory station alerts you in the event of an open valve. This portable system is mounted on a wooden backboard, easily hung at your next work site.

  • Helps prevent hazardous situations if a valve is left open or becomes damaged.
  • Keeps standpipe ready for emergency fire department use.

Wet-Pipe Sprinkler Air Release (FM approved): This automatic air release vents trapped air from the high point of wet sprinkler systems. The water float valve triggers closure to prevent water leakage.

  • Helps avoid corrosion and pipe leaks, blocks, and failures.

Houston Project Engineers Rely on UNITED Fire Systems

At UNITED Fire Systems, we provide fire sprinkler systems created to suit your unique business needs. Our customized fire suppression systems keep your building, its contents, and the people within safe—from both fire and water damage. Our dedicated team offers quick turnaround, typically building your system in a week. We offer world-class technical support to ensure our products serve you well.

As experts in the field of commercial fire suppression engineering and design, we offer innovative, reliable, and purpose-built fire protection that keeps your Houston business going strong.

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Get more details about our advanced fire suppression equipment and how it can meet your unique business needs. We serve the areas of Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Kenilworth, San Francisco, and NYC!

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