PREACTION-PAC™ with Integrated Nitrogen

PREACTION-PAC™ with Integrated Nitrogen is a Factory Mutual (FM) Approved, fully assembled preaction fire suppression system, including preaction valve, trim, nitrogen generator, and optional control panel, providing one complete zone of preaction water sprinkler fire protection. All components are contained in three (3) red powdercoated steel enclosures.

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About PREACTION-PAC™ with Integrated Nitrogen

All components are contained in three (3) red powdercoated steel enclosures. Preaction and nitrogen system indicators and controls are mounted facing forward for easy reference and use. The system detection and control panel is mounted behind a door on the electrical enclosure with a clear polycarbonate window allowing examination of the detection system visual indicators. Lockable latches on enclosure doors permit restricted access to connections and components. A manual release valve is located behind a non-locking door on the valve enclosure. Gasketing provides sealing of the enclosure doors. Knockouts permit easy attachment of external electrical raceways.

PREACTION-PAC™ With Integrated Nitrogen Features

  • FM Approved
  • Includes preaction valve with optional control panel and integral, self-contained nitrogen-based corrosion inhibiting system
  • Industry exclusive – preaction and nitrogen generator assemblies designed and built by the same manufacturer
  • Fully factory assembled, programmed, and tested
  • No field assembly required
  • Just connect water supply, drain, sprinkler piping, power, and electrical devices
  • Space for required spare sprinkler heads and wrench
  • Attractive and rugged metal enclosure
  • Separate, lockable valve, electrical, and nitrogen enclosures
  • Manual actuation valve behind separate non-locking door
  • Easy-to-see indicators and gauges face the front
  • Easy-to-follow instructions on electrical enclosure front
  • Membrane-based nitrogen generation – no moving parts
  • Long-life, low maintenance oilless air compressor
  • 2 inch, 3 inch, and 4 inch valve options
  • Addressable or conventional control panel options

PREACTION-PAC™ With Integrated Nitrogen Benefits

  • Saves assembly, programming, and installation time
  • Installation drawings available
  • Quicker commissioning – just place, connect, and it’s ready
  • Easy inspection and maintenance
  • Expert in-house field and technical support
  • Finished appearance allows placement in or near protected space
  • Rapid access to manual release handle without a key
  • Reliable, dependable protection that functions as designed
  • Reliable, long-lasting nitrogen generation


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Did You Know?
  • If you have a dry standpipe in your structure, can you tell if it’s intact and ready for fire department use? If it’s not, the risk is high.  Be sure – a UNITED Fire Systems STANDPIPE-PAC™ system will alert you if someone accidentally leaves a valve open or even disassembles a portion of the standpipe inadvertently.